Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Cat Power on the way??

PLEASE!!! She's been talking lately about a new album. Really hope its actually a 'NEW' album and not another covers album. Jukebox was pretty good, not gonna lie, but I still want Moon Pix part 2.

Also Rolling Stone has announced that beautiful-eyed Fiona Apple is releasing her follow up to near perfect Extraordinary Machine next spring. That woman is a goddess and a Spring album from her is perfect.

AND according to various sources we can also expect a new PJ Harvey album in February.

Ahhhhh new music...

Should make for an interesting 2011. Hopefuly we'll also be seeing some new Radiohead, I'd put money that Weezer will release yet another album by Spring 2011, Raveonettes have been talking on their facebook page about mixing their new album, Fleet Foxes are also at work on their follow-up, and uhhmmm oh yeah some small time band is supposed to be releasing their album in March. I think their name is THE STROKES or something like that? Should be interesting 2011. After all, according to many we only have till 2012, after that some tea-party nut might take the White House and the world will end.

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