Monday, December 27, 2010

Albums of 2010 Purchases

This albums were good enough I thought, that I went out and bought 'em. Not bad considering I don't usually buy too many albums with my budget and limited funds (damn you college!). Looking forward to some PJ Harvey in February, some much awaited Fiona Apple, some Strokes, and hopefully some Radiohead.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite 10 Albums of 2k10

My final exams are finally done and I now have time so that I can finally post my top 10 albums of 2010. As with the songs, these are not necessarily the "BEST" albums but certainly my favorites. I'm not a music critic, if I was I'd apply to Rolling Stone to remind them its not 1967 anymore, but whatever. I did not get a chance to listen to every album that came out this year, which included high-profile albums like Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, or Sufjan's new electronic sounding album. It was a pretty difficult decision to rank all the good music that came out this year but I think that this is pretty much how I ended up feeling about the albums. So.... here they are:

          10.  Joanna Newsom - Have One on Me
Much like politics, religion, coffee and Twilight (team Edward vs Jacob) Joanna Newsom tends to divide people. Those who find her voice completely annoying and would prefer to hear a new Justin Bieber song over a minute of her singing, and those who seem to enjoy her voice. I find myself in the latter group. I first discovered Joanna with Y's late last year and didn't know what to make of her at first. Eventually, much like coffee, after repeated listens I begin to appreciate her and her songs. A couple of months later Have One on Me came out and immediately began to like what I heard. Good Intentions Paving Company was completely different from what she had done in Y's. This album feels like a long journey through the woods, finding new stuff every time you make the trip. 

 9. Wavves - Post Acid
The ultimate summer album. The songs are catchy and the lyrics aren't as simple as Best Coast's. Really enjoyed this one this Summer. From the super catchy 'King of the Beach' to the more emotional 'Green Eyes' this album gets number 9 on my list.

8. Warpaint - The Fool

If I had to describe this album in two words I would choose 'hypnotic' and 'beautiful'. I discovered this band late last year with their incredible EP 'Exquisite Corpse' and immediately fell in love with this band. I must have listened to the EP an unnatural amount of times, then I saw them live which exceeded my expectations of a live show, and then this fall they finally released their full length LP. While not as good as their EP, The Fool is still a masterpiece of beauty with hypnotic chants from these fine LA ladies. The album captures the magic of their live shows and can I say enough about how good their drummer is? NME had it right when they went crazy over this album.

   7. Janelle MonĂ¡e - The ArchAndroid
Usually I'm not into R&B but holy shit was this album awesome! It was incredible how easily and effortlessly Janelle can change genre in a single CD from the Michael Jacksonish 'Locked Inside'  to the punk 'Cold War' to the funky  'Tight Rope' this album never bores. Not only that but add the nice little 'Clair de Lune' sample at the end and this is a party. Energetic and fun.

      6. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles (II)

Is there any chick more bad ass than Alice Glass?? Seriously, she's the desktop background in my computer. Crystal Castles expand their music style from the harsh and brutal songs that highlighted their excellent debut, to more of a mellow sound on this one. 'Celestica' (my #1 tune this year) was pure bliss. And they still have a couple of tunes here that will satisfy those who found their first albums brutality awesome. Crystal Castles have adopted beauty and it is awesome.

5. The National - High Violet
I discovered these guys a couple of years ago with their album 'Boxer' which I though was one of the most depressing yet beautiful things ever. A few years later, and here I am giving praise to High Violet. While still depressing, it is a bit happier sounding than their previous releases 'Alligator' and 'Boxer' (haven't gotten my hands on their other albums yet). 'Bloodbuzz Ohio' was the song everyone was talking about while my personal favorite was 'Afraid of Everyone' with its paranoid lyrics. Had a chance to see them twice this year, once in Lollapalooza but I ended up having to go take a break and buy some water after being in the middle of a mosh for nearly four hours so I missed them there (completely regret missing them) and then once again when they came to Indianapolis but I had to attend a class thing that same day.

  4. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Yeah possibly the best album to wake up to and to relax to. God this album was incredible, but then again it is Deerhunter so it is expected that this album would be awesome. The hypnotizing melodies to Cox's vocals make this album feel incredibly warm and welcoming. I don't understand why so many Deerhunter albums have dismissed this album as weaker than Microcastle, I feel that this is a better album... but that's just me.


                 3. LCD Soundsystem - This Is Happening
Ultimate hipster dance album. The brainless 'Drunk Girls' is fun (top 10 tunes) and serves as a nice little single to the otherwise 7minuteish songs on this album. This is supposedly LCDs final album but I really doubt that claim. This album sounds like too much fun for James Murphy to permanently shelf the group. 'I Can Change' is another incredible song on this album that really channels 80s dance music to lyrics about love gone bad. Makes me wish that I'd be as cool as James Murphy when I'm his age.

   2. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Nobody does concept albums like Arcade Fire does. This time they have chosen the theme of life in the suburbs, a topic which I'm very well familiar with, living in the conservative northern suburbs of Indianapolis. This album is nostalgic for old days in the suburbs. It also deals with the life and boredom of the suburbs, something I relate to easily. And the actual music is incredible. 'Rococo' 'Sprawl II', amazing. 

     1. Beach House - Teen Dream
No surprise here unless your a Kanye fan. Beach House hands down made my favorite album of the year. The melancholy in this album makes it emotionally heavy. The vocals are haunting and beautiful, while the bending notes make it complete. This was my first exposure to the Baltimore duo and they completely surprised me with their sound and made me question myself as to how I had not heard about them before. Listening to this album is really a lot like being in a dream, a blissful dream that you don't want to wake up from.

So there ya go. My favorite 10 Albums of the year. Honorable mentions include Black Keys, Gorillaz, No Age, Broken Bells (highly underrated everywhere), Yeasayer, and yes... Kanye had a pretty decent album which would have been better without Rhiannah ruining shit. And  I actually liked Best Coast despite the album sounding like a long 30 minute song. Locally Margot and the Nuclear So & So's had a very good album as well.

Disappointed with Blonde Redhead, I was expecting more after '23' and I was also disappointed with MGMT and The New Pornographers.

Cheers for a good 2011!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Of My Photos From 2010

Here are some of the photos of different things that I took. These were taken with my small digital camera so the quality may not be too good.

First up is various pictures I took in Chicago (my home away from home):

Now some pictures taken around Indianapolis and other random places around Indiana

Lollapalooza 2010 photos


                      The Black Keys



Saturday, December 11, 2010

MY "Top" 10 Tracks for 2010

Here is a list that I have compiled of what were my favorite 10 tracks this year. This list is not which songs are the best or anything like that, just songs that I enjoyed listening to this year. I wanted to see if there was a way to make some of them downloadable but I'm hopeless with technology and have no idea how to do it. The list itself was pretty difficult to make and I could be forgetting a song or two that I didn't consider but this is as good as I'm gonna get it so here it  is:

1. Crystal Castles - Celestica

2. Beach House - Norway

3. Warpaint - Undertow

4. LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

5. Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

6. Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company

7. Menomena - Five Little Rooms

8. Fol Chen - In Ruins

9. Cults - Go Outside

10. Cee Lo - Fuck You

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daft Punk - Derezzed

New Official Video For Daft Punk's Derezzed from the Tron Legacy Soundtrack out today in the US

Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Dark Twisted Over-Hyped Fantasy

So I was finally able to head to my record store yesterday and pay $14.99 for Kanye's latest. Yeah, I'm fully aware that I could have probably bought that album in Target or Wally for $8.99ish but then again.. it is supporting the local business which I don't regret. Anyway, I sat my ass down and listened to Kanye and guests. My first impression? Very good stuff, yet I can't help but wonder if this really deserved the ultra-mega rare 10.0 Pitchfork gave it. To my horror and shock I actually own something that contains Rhianna singing, something I swore I'd never in my life I'd do. Seriously how can Rhianna be on something that Pitchfork gave a 10.0 to? Pitchfork is flawed obviously, but you still have to take their word on some of the stuff they say, but this? And it's not only Pitchfork but every other music website that exists... well not all of them but close enough. This contradicts my entire belief system that Rhianna represents the death of music, the death of talent, the death of creativity. Fuck my entire philosophy on music is gone. Hahaha not really as that song is probably one of the best on the album. I could care less if Pitchfork gave an 11.0 or a 0.0, fact  is I don't particularly like Rhianna and her "singing" turned me off. 

Ughh no thanks.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the album is very good, but not good enough for it to warrant the legendary status that Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, etc. have given this album. Having Bon Iver on the album doesn't hurt, and even though I think that people in a few years are gonna forget who or what Nikki Minaj was, she does a pretty good job in the album. One of the best of the year? Sure. The Best? No.  

And in case you're wondering if this is a review. No. I suck at reviewing albums, this is just personal taste stuff. Not really a review. I'm just saying, album does not deserve being named the best album in years.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Colts and the Curse of the Super Bowl Losers

Worthless piece of shit team this year. We can't beat any good teams it seems like. Lose by 2 to the Eagles and interception to end the game (thanks Manning) lose to Patriots by 3 with last minute interception (thanks again Manning) and now got completely throttled by the Goddamn Chargers with a shitload of interceptions (seriously wtf is the matter Manning??) Seriously the team has not been the same since the loss of TE Dallas Clark. That dude did it all. Blocked, Caught Balls, Scored. He was a machine. But the injury bug struck him and now Manning can't get protection, he's throwing balls to the players on the other teams, and our running backs can't rush for more than 30 yards in an entire game. Seems to me that the only logical explanation is the "curse of the Super Bowl losers". It's happened to the Falcons, the Rams, the Raiders, the Panthers, Seattle who's programs seemed to collapse after their defeats in the Super Bowl and have not made it back. Sure there's exceptions. But it keeps looking worse and worse for the Colts every week. Now they have Dallas next week who seems to have improved since firing Wade Phillips. Seems to me that the Colts are looking at 6-6 and three straight loses since... God knows when. I sure hope that Manning and the rest of the team get their shit together and we start getting players back from the injury list. Or else this will be a very short season for the Colts and therefore a VERY boring, long and depressing winter for me. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter 7

It's the big day for Harry Potter fans as part one of the final book comes out in theaters! Now I'm a casual fan, read the books and have seen the movies, only once though. Now it's been a good few years since I read HP 7 but as far as I can remember the first part of HP7 consisted of Harry walking around in the woods talking to Ron and/or Hermione for a good few hundred pages. How is a movie supposed to be made from that? It was dry stuff in there. Regardless I'm curious about this movie and will probably check it out, if not in theaters then at least once its out on Blu-Ray.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Republicans win House, almost the Senate.

FUUUUCKKKK!!!!! That orange bastard Bohner is now SOH. Awesome now more years of political gridlock where nothing will be accomplished. Not that anything was getting done under the Democrats. Democracy is broken.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NBA Kicks Off

I'm not too much of an NBA fan, but even I knew that this year's Miami Heat team is one of the most hyped teams in recent memory, so it was obvious that I had to see them play the Celtics (my second favorite team after the Pacers) and see if the hype was really justified. What I saw was a Miami team that got dominated in the first half of the game and didn't get close until certain parts of the 4th quarter. To be fair, it is only the first game of the season, and it is scary to think what D-Wade, LBJ, and Bosh can do if all three have a good game.

Friday, October 22, 2010


How the fuck does twitter work??? I've had mine for about 3 years and have only used it once and only have 3 followers. Everytime I log in it's all  "@FDdfd hahaha #fuckthisshit @goblin3 look (small weird link)'' bullshit. Wtf? How do you use it? Whats the #bullshit??

Fuck it I'll just stick to facebook. I'm hopeless with computers.

Btw if you wish to follow me on twitter for my annual bullshit post. follow indiekid3090

Monday, October 18, 2010

Indy Music Scene Pt. 2

Local venue the Vogue where occasionally good national and local acts play. Previous artists include Broken Social Scene, Stars, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Black Keys, PJ Harvey, MGMT, The Walkmen,etc. Unfortunately ALL shows are 21+

This is Indy CD and Vinyl , they've got themselves a pretty good selection of CDs, Vinyl, Posters, and they've got some good listening stations with very good selections. Another good store is LUNA (not pictured) where they've also got a good selection of everything from music to T-Shirts, turntables, toys, posters. The staff is also VERY friendly at LUNA. Both of these stores also hold some pretty good in-store performances from the likes of local acts like Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, to national acts like Blitzen Trapper and St. Vincent. Artists are also known to do CD signings such as Julian Casablancas at LUNA earlier this year.

This is the Murat theater that also holds some very good all-ages shows for a higher price than the smaller 21+ venues. Acts have included: The National, The White Stripes, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Kings of Leon (before they got big), The Decemberists, Band Of Horses, Bob Dylan, etc. Pretty cool building built in the fashion of an Islamic temple.

The Vogue again. Other venues like this one include Radio-Radio

Broad Ripple flier thingy

                                                                                              The Vogue

Verizon Music Center the biggest summer venue. Not sure if its bigger than Conseco Fieldhouse but nobody ever plays at Conseco unless its somebody like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. Verizon has terrible sound quality for opening bands but ok for the headliners. Verizon always gets bands like Dave Matthews Band or (eww) Nickleback. However there is always an ok show every summer. Past performers here include: Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Coldplay, Phish, Kings of Leon (after OBTN), No Doubt and smaller opening bands like The Black Keys, Grizzly Bear, Band of Horses, and more.


A night shot of the Vogue

This is a temporary late spring/summer venue in downtown indy. Previous performers include Wilco, Bob Dylan, Paramore and more.

Warpaint- The Fool

Stream Warpaint's debut album. It is excellent. If you ever get a chance to see them live don't miss out!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Indianapolis Music Scene?? Introduction

So I have decided that it would be a good idea to get to know the city I live in and try to document its local music scene. After all there is more to Indianapolis than sports and rednecks, not a lot more, but some. Now the heart of the music scene in Indianapolis is a place called Broad Ripple Village which is located to the north of downtown Indianapolis.  This place has everything from good quality record stores, to bars with live music, to pretty small venues. However, in order to truly experience Broad Ripple one must be over 21 or have a really good fake. Otherwise you are basically limited to visiting the record stores for in-store performances. Broad Ripple also has a good selection of small restaurants and boutique shoppes. Today the annual Broad Ripple Music Festival kicked off with local heroes Margot and the Nuclear So & So's playing a free acoustic all-ages show at local record store Indy CD and Vinyl after which they would play at local 21+ venue The Vogue located across the street. Tomorrow the music will continue at various different locations, and so will my post.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Deerhoof Download

Deerhoof has just signed to Polyvinyl and will be releasing their new album 'Deerhoof Vs Evil' in January 2011. Pick up the FREE single "The Merry Barracks" At Poly Vinyl Records website today.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hockey Starts!!!!!

Ahhhh and hockey season starts. And I thought the basketball offseason was short. Hopefuly this season delivers on great plays, great games, and obviously some great hits.