Monday, November 29, 2010

Colts and the Curse of the Super Bowl Losers

Worthless piece of shit team this year. We can't beat any good teams it seems like. Lose by 2 to the Eagles and interception to end the game (thanks Manning) lose to Patriots by 3 with last minute interception (thanks again Manning) and now got completely throttled by the Goddamn Chargers with a shitload of interceptions (seriously wtf is the matter Manning??) Seriously the team has not been the same since the loss of TE Dallas Clark. That dude did it all. Blocked, Caught Balls, Scored. He was a machine. But the injury bug struck him and now Manning can't get protection, he's throwing balls to the players on the other teams, and our running backs can't rush for more than 30 yards in an entire game. Seems to me that the only logical explanation is the "curse of the Super Bowl losers". It's happened to the Falcons, the Rams, the Raiders, the Panthers, Seattle who's programs seemed to collapse after their defeats in the Super Bowl and have not made it back. Sure there's exceptions. But it keeps looking worse and worse for the Colts every week. Now they have Dallas next week who seems to have improved since firing Wade Phillips. Seems to me that the Colts are looking at 6-6 and three straight loses since... God knows when. I sure hope that Manning and the rest of the team get their shit together and we start getting players back from the injury list. Or else this will be a very short season for the Colts and therefore a VERY boring, long and depressing winter for me. 

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