Sunday, August 14, 2011

Concert Photos

Been takin' some pics at concerts that I've been at this past year. Not too much since Indiana sucks for music unless you like country music (my heart goes out to the victims of yesterday's horrible incident at the State Fair; never imagined something so horrible could happen that quickly). Regardless, here are some pics, most are from Lolla 2011 since that's the only place where I can get decent photos apparently:


                                        Smith Westerns

                                          Crystal Castles (fucking awesome)


                                           The Joy Formidable

                                               Portugal. The Man



I realized as I uploaded pics that I don't have the Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. pictures I took during their in-store a few months back in my computer, so I'll upload those eventually. I also realized that I need a better camera. Or fix my old one which took good pictures, since most of the shots I take are too blurry, and too pixilated.

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