Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pitchfork Music Festival 2012 - Saturday

Decided  to head to Pitchfork music festival this year for a day as I'm not made of money and hotels cost too much. Out of the three days I decided to go on Saturday which included some very  good artists including Flying Lotus, Godspeed! You Black Emperor, Wild Flag, etc.

I arrived into rainy Chicago at around 2pm which meant I missed out on Cloud Nothings who I was really looking forward to seeing. Their new album is amazing and I really wanted to see them live.

Alas, I got there just as Atlas Sound was starting his set. Rain pored down as he played and it seemed that from where I was standing the crowd was more interested in staying dry than the music. However, I really enjoyed his set, and his stories that he would tell between songs.

Next I headed over to Youth Lagoon. I feel his set is intended for small venues, not festivals. That being said I still like his music, and the crowd took his relaxing set as a time to pull out some of their weed and start smoking. Gave the field a very relaxed feel.

As soon as Youth Lagoon ended I ran over to catch as much of Flying Lotus as I could. When I got there it seemed like a war zone with the biggest crowd so far that day while everyone was jumping up and down to the music. Getting close to the stage was impossible so I watched from afar. As soon as he started playing the Beastie Boy's Intergalactic the crowd went nuts.

Wild Flag were everything I had hoped. Entertaining to watch, your eyes don't leave the stage. You want to see what they're doing while they're playing.

After that I headed over to see Sleigh Bells. I had heard a lot of confusing things about their live show. Some people hate it, some like it. I actually liked it considering all the negative stuff I had heard about their live shows in the beginning. Very energetic set. However, time was an issue for me as I really wanted to head over to see Chromatics, so I stuck around for most of their set and left about 10 minutes after Chromatics was supposed to have started.

As soon as I arrived to Chromatics (late) Schoolboy Q was just getting off the stage. After that we waited for about 30 minutes due to technical difficulties that Chromatics were having. By the time they started a lot of people had left and they only had a few minutes to get in  a few songs. They sounded great, and I can only imagine how great a full set would have been like.

After they were done, I went over to catch Hot Chip. At that point I was so tired that I truthfully did not really enjoy the set as much.

Due to the fact that I took a bus into Chicago, I had to leave before either Grimes and Godspeed could play in order to catch my bus. But from what I've heard, Godspeed killed it.

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