Tuesday, January 1, 2013

MY Top 10 Songs of 2012 and other ramblings

Here are my favorite songs of 2012. Lot's of stuff I might have forgotten about. Some stuff I should include in my honorable mentions but won't. Anyway here they are, not much different than most websites' lists but whatever.

I really wanted to make a best movies of 2012 list but I don't go to the movies all that often and I am still catching up on the classics and that would make a BEST movies list pretty difficult to make, but I will include a top movies that I SAW from 2012.

My favorite 10 Songs:

1. Beach House - Lazuli

While I found that the new Beach House album was not as powerful as their previous one, Lazuli has turned into my favorite Beach House song. 

2. Cloud Nothings - Wasted Days

Despite the length of the song this Cloud Nothings song managed to highlight their more aggressive sound (compliments of Steve Albini who should have an honorary statue built for him in the White House or something)

3. Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built

Wasn't that big of a Japandroids fan in the previous years. This album finally won me over, and this song became my most listened song this summer.

4. Spiritualized - Hey Jane

Another long song that I loved. Turned into a bit of a sing-along at the end. Spiritualized came back this year with some of their best which, for me, was this song.

5. 2:54 - Scarlet

Don't really know what to say about this song besides the fact that I found it haunting, and sort of reminded me of some 90s stuff.

6. Diiv - Doused

7. Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

Exactly how I like my Sleigh Bells, popish and punishing.

8. Death Grips - I've Seen Footage

Artwork freaked me out, the music freaked me out even more. Makes me want to mosh while poking people with a knife.

9. Bear In Heaven - Sinful Nature

These guys are too underrated. Putting out quality music like this song which for some reason reminds me of the 90s X-Men cartoon theme.

10. Teen - Better

Simple but good

And my favorite movies I saw from this year were:

1. Dark Knight - sure it wasn't perfect and some of the digital aspects bugged me, but I've loved Batman since I've been a little kid and grew up with the still good first two original movies and the other two atrocities that came after, this movie closed off this trilogy in a pretty good way. Love to see actors/actresses prove me wrong and Anne Hathaway proved me wrong in thinking that she would be crap.

2. Moonrise Kingdom - yeah I'm a Wes Anderson fanboy. Beautiful, and the score was perfect.

3. Lincoln - Coming in all I knew about the movie was that it dealt with Lincoln, and I thought it would deal with the entire civil war which would have been too broad, but loved how it was specific to the passing of the 13th amendment. Daniel Day-Lewis knows how to act, which made up for Sally Field's underwhelming performance (imo).

4. Skyfall - from the very first sequence I was hooked, and the theme for this one I actually liked (good job Adele). Makes up for Quantum of Solace and was my third favorite bond movie, behind Goldfinger and From Russia With Love. The scene in the dark office building with the lights flashing in the background was phenomenal. Add to it that the characters were likable and M (Judi Dench) came out looking like a bad ass.

5. Argo - Suspenseful, exciting, and fun. Very relevant despite the fact that this story took place in the 70s. I like Ben Affleck's directing even though I'm not a fan of his acting

Haven't seen Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook (I hate Bradley Cooper), Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Looper which may or may not have changed my top 10

Favorite Albums will come in a future post sometime this week after I'm done deciding

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