Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oscars 2013

So the Oscar's were this Sunday and I don't think the awards surprised anyone. No major upsets. There was a tie. There were legends and there were newbies. People embarrassed themselves. Seth Macfarlane was meh. And many movies got at least one award. Here we go

Best Picture: Argo

Pretty predictable. It's been winning all of the awards, and was quite entertaining. My personal favorite from the nominees was Amour, but that was never going to happen. And it made up for Affleck not getting a Best Director nomination.

Best Director: Ang Lee

Affleck should have been nominated and Paul Thomas Anderson should have won it. It was a pretty wide-open race and anybody except David O. Russel could have won it.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis

No surprise there, that guy is a monster at acting and now the actor with most Oscar wins for a leading role, and only one less than Katherine Hepburn. Not only that but Meryl Streep who has the most nominations and 3 Oscars herself (2 as leading actress) presented the award. Those are some Hollywood legends right there on that stage at the same time.

Best Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Again most people expected this one. I was personally rooting for Emmanuelle Riva as I thought she had a more emotional and powerful performance, but it's the Oscars so yeah obviously that was a long shot (same people who never gave Kubrick, Hitchcock, and others an award) but I got over my disappointment and I'll say that Jennifer Lawrence is a fine actress who was pretty good in Winter's Bone.

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Waltz

No surprise, but I felt sad that Alan Arkin didn't win it. Overall though, all those actors nominated for this category are great. And Django needed a major award.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

I don't really hate her the way others do. That being said, she is probably still cradling the award.

So yeah, no surprises. Zero Dark Thirty shared an award with Skyfall and that's all it got. Beasts of the Southern Wild got shut out. Pretty great to see Jack Nicholson is still alive, as well as seeing other of those Hollywood legends like Christopher Plummer Jane Fonda & Dustin Hoffman. We learned we need to let our hair grow long and gray if we want to win one of those technical awards or animated feature award. I think The Master should have won something! Pissed that the rumor of all Bonds reuniting did not come true.

Finally remember how important visual effects are to movies and the people working on them deserve a ton of credit that they currently aren't  receiving.

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