Monday, December 12, 2011

My TOP 10 SONGS of 2011

Wow this list was pretty fucking tough to make. Thankfully I had Spotify to check out as most songs/albums as I could this year which helped in making this list without feeling guilty about not listening to heavy contenders. Regardless, this list was VERY impossible to make considering the year we've had with so many good tracks. People are bound to get pissed about not including certain tracks, just as I have with many lists so far this year. I mean, has anybody seen Rolling Stone's top 10 songs of the year??? Jeez there's only like 2 songs in there that deserved a top 50 spot. Lets start off with some that didn't make it that I heavily considered:

Radiohead - Lotus Flower
Kurt Vile - Jesus Fever
Youth Lagoon - Afternoon
Real Estate - Green Aisles
WU LYF - Dirt
Zola Jesus - Seekir
Purity Ring - Belispeak
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Ffunny Ffrends
Neon Indian - Polish Girl
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Senator
EMA - California
Tune-Yards - Gangsta
SBTRKT - Wildfire (feat. Yukumi Nagano)
Smith Westerns - Weekend
PJ Harvey - The Words the Maketh Murder 

If I were to have made a longer list I would have included those, but I'm not a pro-blogger so yeah I'll keep my list at Ten.

The next ten songs were my personal favorites throughout the year, I know I'm missing some that were really good but this is a list of MY favorite songs, and in no way does that mean that they're supposed to be the 10 best songs of the year. I'm not a music critic. SO:

10. Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers
Yay, Lykke Li did not disappoint this year with this album. 'I Follow Rivers' was the song that most stood out to me as being the strongest from a strong album. Everything that Lykke Li is good at is highlighted in this song.

9. Wild Flag - Romance

I'm in love with Carrie Brownstein. Seriously though it's a fun song that just sort of kicks ass. Recalls some of Sleater-Kinney's best songs while not treading too much on nostalgia, which is a fancy way of saying, I think, that it also sounds new and original.

8. St. Vincent - Cruel

I did not think I was going to like St. Vincent's album at all. But I did, and this song was my personal favorite from that album. Again Annie Clark demonstrates that she is an absolute monster at guitar and songwriting.

7. Gang Gang Dance - Mindkilla

I told my friend about this band before Pitchfork Music Festival this year, so he saw them when he went and absolutely fell in love with them. I even got my mother to like this song, and she's one of those Frankie Vallie type, 60s pop, listeners. This song had so much going on, yet somehow it all works.

6. Holy Ghost! - Wait and See

Every time I hear this song I want to dance. We lost LCD Soundsystem this year, but we also gained these guys who, while they're not as good as LCD, yet, they bring the same sort of fun atmosphere to the table with this song.

5. Washed Out - Amor Fati
What can I say about Chillwave? Not a big fan when I first hear Neon Indian and Toro y Moi last year, but this year I finally "got it." Neon Indian had a great year but I think Washed Out takes the cake and trophy as the Chillwave artist of the year.

 4. White Denim - Street Joy
I really think this song is pretty underrated. I think Gorilla Vs Bear is the only blog I've seen that loved this track as much as I did. Sounds like the soundtrack to one of my dreams.

3. Battles - Ice Cream
This Battles is not the same Battles that gave us Atlas, but it is still pretty damn good. Ice Cream showed that even without Tyondai Braxton Battles still had some 'Battle' left (sorry for the shitty pun).

2. Girls - Honey Bunny
Near perfect album with this near perfect song.

1. M83 - Midnight City
Perfect song from a perfect album. The saxophone solo? Pretty ridiculous. Loved this song, and I never got tired of hearing it.

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