Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving Drive weekend in NYC

Who enjoys hearing about Thanksgiving vacations?? I mean really? It's like somebody goes up to tell you what they did over break and all you want to say is "BOOO, get off the stage!! Let the Glee Club sing!!!!" But I'm gonna do it regardless, so... I took a trip down to NYC to see the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

That's a thing right? I mean, I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY in New York goes to the parade and stands around in the crowd for 3 eternal hours RIGHT? "I was  there, I wanted my encounter with Santa to be special this year"- EVERY kid there.

Yep and while I was there I took the mandatory trip to Rockefeller Plaza to see the Ice Rink and the undecorated christmas tree
I wanted to get my skate on and put on a clinic for all those rookies falling everywhere, but the price was too much: $21 with skate rental... ok maybe not too bad but I wasn't going to spend money that way and the line to get in was ridiculously long. 

At least the line to get to the Statue of Liberty wasn't too long and I got a good view of the city
Overall it was a pretty chill weekend in which I traded Turkey for a slice of pizza at Charley's located right in front of Zucotti Park and the #Occupywallstreet people.

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