Friday, February 19, 2010

Palin vs Family Guy

Former "half-assed" governor of Alaska Sarah Pailin is at it again, fighting what she perceives to be an attack at her family. This time her fight is with popular TV show Family Guy after an episode in which a character with down syndrome claims to be the daughter of the former governor of Alaska. Palin was offended as was her daughter Bristol who called the writer's "heartless jerks." Now everybody might remember her fight with David Letterman after he made a joke about Bristol during his episode a few months ago. Something completely blown out of proportion and made to look like it was an attack on America's freedom. I would not be surprised if next we get a bunch of brain-dead Tea Party members protesting Fox to pull the show. If you are a celebrity like Palin, you have to be able to handle what the media throws at you. Clearly the show took a quick swipe at Palin, but its not worse than many of the things that show has done with other celebrities. Being a former governor who couldn't even finish her job does not automatically shield you from that. I wonder what would have happened if they would have made fun of a Democrat?? Or a homosexual?? Would that have been "crossing the line?" Clearly Palin has double standards as do ALL politicians. Take Rhom Emmanue's use of the term 'retard' which enraged Palin, yet when that blob, waste-of-space Rush Limbaugh used the term, Palin's camp was relatively quiet about the incident. How about Ann Coulter's derogatory vocabulary? Obviously nothing is said because of a little thing called "freedom of speech" which everybody enjoys including Palin. Palin has the right to show anger about the show, yet somehow I feel like like she uses these little moments to make herself seem more like the 'good guy' fighting all the evil liberals and communists.

On a side-note. Apparently Conservatives and Liberals can still agree on one thing and that is the fact that the US Supreme Court made the wrong ruling in allowing corporations to spend as much money as they want on political campaigns. This ruling basically gives corporations the same rights as a citizen. It's a corporation, not a person!!!! If we allow corporations to do as they please, how do we stop them from controlling our lives?? Conservatives who worry about the government interfering with their lives need a wake up call and realize that at least we have a choice as to who these people are. We put them there, we can kick them out. Who's going to control a CEO? We can at least decide what the government does, WE control the government, WE choose who is in it, WE can show our discontent. Can we do that with a corporation? How long are we going to allow corporations to decide what is best for us? How can we allow the CEO of Anthem or Blue Shield decide whether we are "profitable" enough to be covered for medical expenses?

We are letting corporations take control of our government!!! We are allowing huge companies like Exxon make decisions in our government. In our democracy. How can citizens compete with the millions and millions of dollars lobbyists bring into Washington?? Democracy is dying and its not coming from "government take-over" but from our inability to see the role cooperations are playing in our government.

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