Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

Well it seems Manning's reputation took a big hit Sunday night as he threw an interception that was returned for a touchdown and nailed the final nail on the coffin and killed what had been one great season for the Colts. Manning's interception came with 3 minutes left to play on the game as the Colts found themselves trailing in the 4th quarter, a place where the Colts had been in before, only this time they would not be able to comeback. After having dominated the first quarter, the Colts lost all steam going 3 and out twice in the 2nd quarter and allowing the Saints to score a late FG before the half. It got worse from there as the Saints kicked an onside kickoff to start the second half and managed to recover. The Saints drove down the field and managed to score setting the score at 13-10. Joseph Addai would be able to have a great day and managed to score in the third quarter keeping the Colts in the lead near the start of the 4th quarter. Unfortunatelly when the Colts had a chance to score once more, they were held back on a couple plays and Stover missed a 51yard FG attempt giving the ball to the Saints who quickly responded with a TD and a 2 point conversion to take the lead by 7 with about 5 minutes to play. Then it was Manning's turn. The legend who has been rock solid at winnning games on late drives. This was his moment to shine, his moment to make history. After a few plays in which he managed to reach midfield with 3 minutes left, he faced third and long in which he threw the ball at Reggie Wayne, unfortunately the ball was intercepted and returned for a TD sealing the deal for the New Orleans Saints. It was clear to see that the Indianapolis Colts were out-coached in the game with Payton of the Saints taking risks that eventually payed off whie Caldwell played as conservatevly as he could, in which screen passes were abundant but of little effect. On Saturday I said that one key to the game would be how well the Colts could get to Brees, and as can now be seen, aside from the first quarter sack, Brees had all the time in the world to pass. The short 10 yard passes killed the Colts CBs who could not cover the wide receivers and only managed to stop them after they had already caught the ball. The Saints won this game in convincing fashion showing domination on all sides of the ball. Brees had one hell of a game and out-performed Manning in the greatest stage of all. On the most important stage of all. It will be another long off-season for the Indianapolis Colts. Another season ending with a crushing loss. 6 more weeks of Winter ahead.

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  1. You're right, not having a pass rush killed us. That was supposed to be one of our big advantages in this one, but the Saints offensive line stepped up and got the job done after Freeney's early sack. I know from watching Brees at Purdue that if you give him time he'll tear any defense apart, and he did last night.