Friday, February 19, 2010

Viral Video Mystery: iamamiwhoami

This is very interesting. Pitchfork recently brought to my attention a marketing campaign by a mystery band who are calling themselves, "iamamiwhoami." As stated by Pitchfork, the production quality is too good for this to be some ammature. Meanwhile speculation as to who it/they are rages. Some say it is Lady Gaga because of the "appearance" of the woman on the video; however this music style is nowhere near Lady Gagas territory unless Trent Reznor is involved in production. A more probable source could be Swedish band, The Knife who have the best aesthetic match to this video. Of course this could also be a brand new group who happen to have the capability to produce videos like these. The videos involve a lot of symbols such as animals and numbers for titles which probably mean something, but for now only speculation as to who the source is.

Follow the link to check out these really weird videos.

Viral Video Mystery: iamamiwhoami

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