Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger For Real???

This past Friday pro-golfer Tiger Woods decided to finally hold a press conference in which he would make his first public statement, months after an incident in which it was revealed that Woods had been involved in multiple extra-marital affairs and tarnished his reputation with everybody except Nike. In this conference Tiger admitted wrong-doing and apologized to his fans. He also stated that his apology to his wife would come through his actions and it would be something that's between him and her. While he made this announcement in front of cameras and reporters, they were not allowed to ask him any questions, which begs the question of what the point is in having a full press conference for just that apology? As former ESPN sportscaster Pat O'Brien said, it could have been done on YouTube. O'Brien as well as many others in the media criticized him for not having a Q&A format of press conference. Even more, many in the media do not take his apology to be sincere. I also wonder, why did it take him nearly 3 months to apologize? To say anything to the public? This long delay is not going to help him. In fact it makes this apology seem like something he had to do out of necessity than something heart-felt. In the end only time can heal these wounds and in my opinion nothing that Tiger does will persuade the public. It will be their own choice as to whether they will ever forgive him. But ask yourself this. How many other public figures have cheated on their wives? Was Clinton ever forgiven for his behavior? How many average family men have also cheated on their wives? Is it human to make a mistake like cheating? Is cheating on somebody a mistake? Only time may be able to answer these questions, and that is something that the PGA might not have.

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